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Project Comatose

Photographing the decay of the UK's forgotten places

The past is slipping away. Buildings, monuments of times past, simply left to decay. Their original purposes lost to time.
My aim is to photograph every abandoned building or forgotten place in the UK.
In a world full of over-HDR’ed, hastily composed photos, I aim to show an alternative, more artistic side to urban exploration.

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Unblock sites, and skirt censorship with ease!

Sausage is a web proxy, designed to circumvent all common web censorship systems.
Designed with clever tricks to fool filters, such as encrypting webpages to look like images, and replacing the word 'proxy' with 'sausage', it is extremely hard to block.
It's also super secure, using TLS1.2 encryption, ensuring that nobody can snoop on your browsing.

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A fast, secure and low-cost VPN service!

The internet is becoming a dangerous place, with hackers, evil companies and even governments trying to spy on your internet activity.
Therefore, many people are starting to use VPN services, to conceal their online identities, and protect themselves from these snoopers.
However, these services are often expensive, and slow.
projectPrivacy is here to change that.
For just £4/month, you can access our superfast VPN network.

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List your kinks! (NSFW)

A fun little project, letting you list your sexual kinks and fetishes, and export them as a nice graph!
Perfect for couples, friends, parties, dungeons, anything! (except kids)
Have fun!

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Other Projects

Have a look at what's coming!

Anything I may currently have in development is kept here.
Some may not work, some may look cranky, but that's all part of the fun!

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